Mahalia – I Wish I Missed My Ex

Mahalia’s song, I Wish I Missed My Ex, is a groovy and moody experience that she lets us in on. At first, you may think she is wishing for that someone to come back in her life but as you listen; you can feel the emotions that was once there, is gone. Her ex is the one that misses her but she doesn’t feel the love anymore. Just for the sake of his well being, she casually wishes she missed him.

This song can hit home for many hopefuls out there, especially on a day like Valentines. The subtle emotions sonically lures you into her world as you’re confront by deep thoughts and guilt of your own. Hey, maybe it’s just me, however, do yourself a favor and listen to her music.

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Mahalia – No Reply

Mahalia song, No Reply is such a smooth sound of soul and r&b. I love the way the vocals wrap around your ears like warm milk; if that is a good description of it. The storytelling is top notch how she can effortlessly brings you into the scene. The warm fuzzy feel of love, the idea of intimacy and how the emotions keep you listening. The song has energy to it and you can feel the aura of the words breezing across your mind.


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