AUDUR – Afsakanir

AUDUR’s track, Afsakanir, is a visual masterpiece. There is no other way to describe how beautiful the cinematography caught my eye. The simple yet dramatic transitions, to the soulful vibes of AUDUR, as he lets us in on his private life. I couldn’t understand the Icelandic language, but just from the color grading and how well the visual told the story, I didn’t need to. I like how the song music video was shown in a short film but also had other tracks made by AUDUR playing in the background. And in that moment, I forgot I was watching a music video.

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Joey Costar, Cameron Dietz and Mankind Music Academy (VOTW)


The videos of the week spotlight go to 3 artists: Joey Costar, Cameron Dietz, and Mankind Music Academy.  All of these artists have dope concept videos and when you listen to the music, you can understand the creativity they each bring to the table.

The first video we have is of Joey Costar‘s soundtrack, BAH WAY. When you hear the first tune of the track, you beginning to feel a little jolt of energy. Just a little sprinkle and them here come’s Joey with his jugg and the Afrobeat drums and autotune. It’s just a simple song but it is a song you can hear at concerts, parties, and arenas. I love the melody the song has with the similarities on the musical side. The video production is also very good but the concept is what gives it the fire.

Next, we have another Joey Costar video called Oh Na Na. The video starts with some comedic sides and funny jokes to give you a glimpse of what Joey personality away from social media. The song is very heavily party themed. You can feel the vibe of an African/Jamaican club with the sweat glistening, the bass of the music and the island breeze that flow through. If you ever been to one of those parties, you can see where I’m getting at. This is just from hearing the song, not the video. However, the video aligns with the taste of fun.


Next, we have Cameron Dietz and his soundtrack, Hill Valley. I was hit with a romantic bug. You can feel the warmth of the video from the color grade and with Cameron’s voice, it rushes through filled with emotions. You can see the story of something of a first date and the intimacy that the expressions show of them. It’s not physically if you look closely. All of it is mental energy flowing through them. It was the perfect moment in time. However, there seems to be a change as Cameron realized this was just an illusion. None of it was real. Oh, the feels the story gives. :'(

And last, we have a video from the group, Mankind Music Academy titled, N.O.A.H. The video is filled with intense poetry and emotion. One of the best things about the video is the message and how they delivered the message with humor, facts and lyrical foundation. You are first hit with the poetic stem of someone’s life and how it reflected the other. You can feel the passion and anger in the words and how the events unfold. They kept it real with the video and with the gorilla handheld shooting in public places among the enemies, shows you that they aren’t going anywhere. They will keep on fighting and teaching.


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