Scrooge Mayne – Shine in Their Face

Scrooge Mayne’s latest video, Shine in Thier Face, is a hard-hitting track with a hustle and cool melodies. Scrooge’s voice is unique as it flows harmonically with the beat. He raps about the come up and the grind that was put in to make it happen. We all came from the bottom and had to grind get where we want to be. So once he gets there, he’s not going to talk down to the nonbelievers, however, he will shine in their face.

So check out his video, and follow his journey.


Cat Spare – Hi Hello

Cat Spare latest song, Hi Hello, is such a blissful sound of atmospheric emotions and a spacey edge of self. When you hear the song, you can’t help but be dragged in Cat’s love story. Her shyness, tranquil nature, speaks volumes to what type of person she is. Maybe she’s a Taurus or Water sign? Whatever she may be, I love the sound of her voice and the peacefulness it brings to my ears. Listen to her song below. You’ll thank me later. She had me at Hi, hello.


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Neko Savvy x Icon South – Drop It Off

Neko Savvy x Icon South is back again with another video titled, Drop It Off. The DIY feel to the video brings out some humorous action with the dynamic duo versus the Apple Store employees as they try to record a song in the store. For educational purposes, they are trying to show people that you do not need a million dollar studio or thousands and hundreds of dollars to make your music. Sometimes, the simple things are what works effectively. Also, you need to have the talent to pull it off. So go ahead, do something; drop it off.


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Jamar Carr – American Way

Jamar Carr’s video, American Way, is a history lesson that I believe all people who trust the government should check out. A lot of things that happens here is for business purposes; not for the good of the people. Corrupt politicians who want to get their pockets fat so they can pass it along to their heirlooms. Jamar has a way of preaching/teaching without it feeling like it. He’s speaking from things he’s researched and is using music to relay those messages.

I don’t want to get deep into it, so you just have to do yourself a favor and check out the video.


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Steady Tek-Nick and HHbreez – What You Doing?

Steady Tek-Nick and HHbree track, What you doing?, is reminiscent of Method Man and Redman or Dr.Dre and Emimem Guilty Conscience. The reason I decided to write about  the song is because I am a remedy fan. I love remedy 🙂 The song has some creative aspect as I can see the video and how it will be portrayed just by the sounds and the vibe of the song. It has a dope feel to it and I think it’s pretty cool.

So, go check that joint, heh, joint out.


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Tota – 20 Shots

Tota’s song, 20 Shots, is as emotional as it comes. the song revolves around the shooting of a man named Stephon Clark in Sacramento California. Stephon was shot at 20 times while running away from the officers. I can feel the anger that Tota feels as a black man living in America and he touched on some of the ways that the “law” isn’t always correct. 1 shot for every preconceive notion and hate of African Americans.

Take a listen, learn something new.


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Joey Costar, Cameron Dietz and Mankind Music Academy (VOTW)


The videos of the week spotlight go to 3 artists: Joey Costar, Cameron Dietz, and Mankind Music Academy.  All of these artists have dope concept videos and when you listen to the music, you can understand the creativity they each bring to the table.

The first video we have is of Joey Costar‘s soundtrack, BAH WAY. When you hear the first tune of the track, you beginning to feel a little jolt of energy. Just a little sprinkle and them here come’s Joey with his jugg and the Afrobeat drums and autotune. It’s just a simple song but it is a song you can hear at concerts, parties, and arenas. I love the melody the song has with the similarities on the musical side. The video production is also very good but the concept is what gives it the fire.

Next, we have another Joey Costar video called Oh Na Na. The video starts with some comedic sides and funny jokes to give you a glimpse of what Joey personality away from social media. The song is very heavily party themed. You can feel the vibe of an African/Jamaican club with the sweat glistening, the bass of the music and the island breeze that flow through. If you ever been to one of those parties, you can see where I’m getting at. This is just from hearing the song, not the video. However, the video aligns with the taste of fun.


Next, we have Cameron Dietz and his soundtrack, Hill Valley. I was hit with a romantic bug. You can feel the warmth of the video from the color grade and with Cameron’s voice, it rushes through filled with emotions. You can see the story of something of a first date and the intimacy that the expressions show of them. It’s not physically if you look closely. All of it is mental energy flowing through them. It was the perfect moment in time. However, there seems to be a change as Cameron realized this was just an illusion. None of it was real. Oh, the feels the story gives. :'(

And last, we have a video from the group, Mankind Music Academy titled, N.O.A.H. The video is filled with intense poetry and emotion. One of the best things about the video is the message and how they delivered the message with humor, facts and lyrical foundation. You are first hit with the poetic stem of someone’s life and how it reflected the other. You can feel the passion and anger in the words and how the events unfold. They kept it real with the video and with the gorilla handheld shooting in public places among the enemies, shows you that they aren’t going anywhere. They will keep on fighting and teaching.


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24kGoldn – Ballin’ Like Shareef

24KGoldn song, Ballin’ Like Shareef, could land him to be the next new age superstar to enter the rap game. He already got a cosign from Adam22 of No Jumper and local artist VISQ told me about the kid. I must admit I was not really a fan of the name, but, I like the admiration of 24K Gang or Goldnlocs 😀 name to give to his fans. The song is high pumped with energy and melodies you can nod your head to. The track isn’t overly vulgar and it talks about the come up of 24kGoldn, just like one of his favorite players, Shareef O’Neal.

The rap flow definitely has that designer feel to it like A$ap Rocky and with a string of melodies to entice you with. I am interested in seeing what comes next with his sound as he starts to emerge and what direction will he take. Oh, I hear the offers coming in now. He will have 3 labels on his phone before summer hits. Check him out now!