Eso.Xo.Supreme, Sinnie Kravitz, TyC and Curly Chuck (VOTW)


The videos of the week spotlight go to 4 artists: Sinnie Kravitz, Eso.Xo.Supreme, TyC and Curly Chuck.  All of these artists have dope videos and when you listen to the music, you can understand how all of them have the same desire and feeling to get to the top.

The first video we have is of Sinnie Kravtiz’s soundtrack, Juice. Immediately, you catch a glimpse of the beautiful scenery where Sinnie is showing us that will be his view one day. Starting from the bottom, the slums, to now gaining buzz and networking with others outside of his inner circle community. He definitely has the juice as he stacking money up for bigger and more impacting things.

Next, we have Eso.Xo.Supreme and his soundtrack called Lines. The video gives that post-futuristic vibe as you’re viewing Eso through a virtual tour of his world. The melodies catching your attention while he explains the story of what’s trying to leave his life. He is saying, why would you leave, when I did all of this for you. We both have our own path, and this line I’m using, I’m pushing so we can share it together.


And lastly, we have Tyc feat. Curly Chuck on the soundtrack, Get Down. The video showcases Curly Chuck’s unique rap style and with TyC interesting EDM / Hip-hop style beat meshes well with the track. The video has moments of humor, witty punchlines, and creative editing to tell you the story of how they get down in their world.

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