Turiya Lila creates an awakening of self freedom
“sounds are so cinematic and adventurous, you will automatically close your eyes and dance to other worlds listening to their stories”

Turiya Lila

A woman whose intellectual produced sounds realms from the depth of her higher frequency of consciousness. Turiya Lila isn’t a music artist in the way you may think. She’s an artist at what she does best; producing. Her produced sounds are so cinematic and adventurous, you will automatically close your eyes and dance to other worlds listening to their stories.

Turiya graduate and got her degree in Music Production & Engineering at Berklee College of Music. This Cleveland native has the skill to take you to many places in how she creates such a dynamic field of wonder. When you listen to her work, it’s not the type that gets you jumping; but something mystical that you close your eyes and let the flow of vibrations overtake your body in a tribal dance. Your arms will move, your body will float and you will feel a sense of freedom.

There hasn’t been much on the scene if her work has been in films and other creative forms of art, but I’m sure if it hasn’t, it will be. Maybe she prefers not to promote her achievements.

I encourage you to take a dive into her beautiful work. It’s simply breathtaking.

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The Oak feedback to Turiya Lila : Keep doing the beautiful work you are doing. The range of your skills is inspirational to a lot and the promotion of peace and freedom means the universe to us all. Namaste.  And last but not least; don’t give up.

$INCERELY, A $AVAGE by Turiya Lila


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