JGraie creates pulsing waves of ecstasy with EDM sounds
"desire for understanding emotions creates a volume of fulfillment in one's life"

Jessica Graie is an actor, model, and artist from Cleveland, OH. She currently resides in California and this artist has made a name for herself globally. She has appeared in publications with modeling, commercials, movies, performed shows and much more. What makes JGraie so unique is her overwhelming desire for "Why" in her artistry. That desire for understanding emotions creates a volume of fulfillment in one's life. I can understand her on a much personal level with her emotions and the approach she carries herself with; not only in music but with her modeling as well. Her demeanor speaks for itself.

She has a variety of talents she can do. She's versatile and that makes her "dangerous". Though she won't come at you and attack you, but in a sense of being unstoppable. Everything she does turns to platinum. I wouldn't be surprised if Graie dropped a mixtape and rapped on it, it would blow up.  She has a Rihanna reminiscence but it's totally in her style of who is Jessica. That from music goes to her modeling attributes. She can play any role I see in imagery. A doctor to detective to a basketball player. Now, that's dangerous.

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The Oak feedback to J Graie: You are a fusion of love and what does love means. Continue searching for that balance that you are searching for. I sense that from your aura of imagery and the embodiment of work you have done is amazing.  And last but not least; don’t give up.

Mixed Feelings EP by JGraie


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