Indigo Rose creates life experiences with soothing vibes
"a flower that has blossomed into something exotic, special and alluring"

When you think of an Indigo Rose, you would think of a flower that has blossomed into something exotic, special and alluring. That can be said by Indigo Rose; named Carly Greathouse. She embodies the pure innocence of love and sensual though her outer layer may seem prickly and tough.  So be careful when you listen to this her music, you may get the teary eyes or filled with emotion.

Rose has been on local radio stations, performed at open mics at community colleges and restaurants. She is making a name for herself locally.

She rose from the hardest of the concrete to show the world that beautiful things can come from down under. Indigo Rose classifies herself as an indigo child. If you don't know what that is then you should google or instagram #hashtag search it. It's a new generation of consciousness and self-awareness that many people can feel it in them, but don't know what it is or how to explain it. Her music is somewhat exotifying; the frequency of her voice vibrates in your eardrums as you take a dip into the world of Carly. You become intimate with her and most people can relate to her stream of love.

Indigo Rose - Nightgown (Official Music Video)


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