Shon-D – Playing With Me

Shon-D track, Playing With Me, is an smokey rockin’ song that features one’s feelings and emotions. The atmosphere tone is like an oasis. Everything with this person just uplifts the mood; things appear more satisfactory. When you are really feeling someone, there’s no other feeling like it. We know when the sparks are high; we […]

townsend – Falling Up

Falling Up takes you on a journey to discover new adventures with that special someone you love. Itreminds me of young love. Listening to this song takes you on a higher level of love where you feelanything is possible where you can let go, be free, and be yourself and judgement doesn’t exist only truelove. […]

Niambi Ra – Mary

The energy this song gives is undeniably dope! The beat really grabs your attention and brings the listener closer capturing, so many great vibes. With a sensational unique voice and lyrics that are easy to connect to, if you never been high, this song will make you want to smoke and get high. With the […]


TENNIN’s track, ONE OF US, captures the essence of one’s chaotic conscious mind. The reason why I was drawn to this song was because of the psychedelic and cyberpunk atmosphere. Once you close your eyes, you can imagine a concert in a factory filled with people wearing their cyberpunk clothing. You hear the thunderous cheering […]