Chrissy Spratt – Exes

Chrissy Spratt song, Exes, speaks volumes of the complicated structure of relations and intimacy. The yearning lustrous tones of her vocals and weary strain undertone; conforms you to stop what you’re doing and listen. Majority of everyone have exes and […]

Joshy Philly – SICK

Joshy Philly’s song, SICK, is a fusion of hard hitting snaps and elemental booming flows. I closed my eyes and imagine myself driving fast on a TRON motorcycle and doing drive bys on zombies/vampires roaming a Japanese city at night. […]


“Sane.” covers a few obscure scenarios woven together by themes of escapism. Sometimes reality isn’t enough to feed the soul. Though disguised as a simple polished & commercial r&b track, it is remarkably confessional and appeals to listeners through its […]