Ryan Caraveo – Run

Ryan Caraveo song, Run, is a post-apocalyptic anthem about a variety of emotions that people either hide or run from. The melodies in the background pull you into the world of emotion and expression; which is very similar to how Kid Cudi does with his music. I could tell Ryan been through something personal and he’s mellowing his experiences by not running away, but running to faces the challenges head on.

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$OUL – Bitch! (feat. Shelly & Mat’n Island)

$OUL, Shelly and Mat’n Island song, Bitch!, almost instantly throws me into a virtual world of a video game series. From the fast colors, aggression, night scene to the touches of Timberland and Nelly Furtado. I love the energy the song started and ended with. You get to hear both sides of the scene and you can go to which side you resonate with. Live your truth.

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Dread Pitt & Yung Fusion – Electric Baby

Dread Pitt & Yung Fusion’s track, Electric Baby, is a fusion of electronic trap that has the saucy of islands sounds. The sound of the drums and the rhythmical flow of Dread Pitt really brought the track to the forefront. You can really close your eyes and feels the environment around you. You can feel the bodies grinding, the warm breeze from the ocean, the fruity pineapple drinks and the smell of remedy (weed) in the air. I believe if you like island reggae music, but also trap and hip hop, you’ll love this genre blending track.

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