MIIKØ – The Feeling

MIIKØ’s song, The Feeling, revolves around loving from a distance. You really love someone and they are so far from you; but just the essence of them there would be all you desire. MIIKØ coupled this track with mellow smooth harmonies in the background that really gave you the mood if missing someone even when you are not feeling that way. It’s an emotional story about feelings that we sometimes don’t understand.

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TENNIN’s track, ONE OF US, captures the essence of one’s chaotic conscious mind. The reason why I was drawn to this song was because of the psychedelic and cyberpunk atmosphere. Once you close your eyes, you can imagine a concert in a factory filled with people wearing their cyberpunk clothing. You hear the thunderous cheering and chanting all around you. As you open your eyes from the throbbing rhythm of the crowd moving, you see TENNIN walk onto stage. She’s wearing her signature purple and yellow outfit with gold laced corners. Then, within an instance, you’re hit with the LSD bug and your mind starts to travel.

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Kisos – Happily Ever After

Kisos’s song, Happily Ever After, sings of romance that started off amazing then slowly started to crumble because of “happiness”. The rejection of love is such a powerful illusion for people. When you see someone else that is with the love of your life; you develop jealously. It’s a nature reaction, but the true way of understanding is to grow up, control those emotions and move on. Learn from what happened and apply to your next love. And then, hopefully, you live happily ever after.

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Aspenyarrow – Beige

Aspenyarrow’s track, Beige, brings you into a world where being different is the norm. No society constructs, racism, labels or anything in that form. Imagine a world where people were based on their names and that only. As an individual and not in a box. The bubbly vibe of the instrumental to the soaring vocals, it had a nice blend of multiple genres in one. The overall track has positive feels that can have festivals jumping or watching a beautiful sunset over Los Angeles Runyon Canyon trail.

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Rachel Shaps – Learn My Lesson

Rachel Shaps’s track, Learn My Lesson, immediately pulls you into the life of someone whose learned their lesson of a relationship that has turned sour. We as humans love hard and when someone we love destroys that trust, we are more inclined to forgive; over and over. We notice the signs but dismiss them because we all have flaw. However, we don’t see them as red flags until after we have been hurt. This song can resonate with a lot of people; and she sings it in such a harmonizing way, it’s catchy, relatable and powerful.

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Eyes Wide Open – Die Another Day

Eyes Wide Open song, Die Another Day, has the nostalgic feel of 90’s and today’s modern sound. I barely listen to melodic metal or metal in general, but when I first heard this track, the wave of feels had me nodding my head to the beat. I love how they combine multiple genres in one, added their own style and flavor to the track. Coupled with screamo, rock, and a little bit of everything, they truly blended sounds that can be played over time.


SHY Nodi – Snakes

SHY Nodi’s song, Snakes, is the story of how people use others for their own gain. Humans are egotistical, and that true to an extent. We are selfish and selfless at the same time. We are in a way walking contradictions. However, with that being said, sometimes, we are highly misunderstood for actions deemed “snakey”. Every living thing has emotions on their respected frequencies, but snakes don’t have anyone to lean on when they cry, because showing emotions is terrifying.


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Rosebudd – Alanis Morissette

Rosebudd’s track, Alanis Morissette, is a song about the inspiration and uplifting characteristics of Alanis Morissette; an idol to Rosebudd. She talks about having the same upbringings and state of mindset as her. Alanis is also a music artist who also dabbles in health, spiritual and relationship help for others. Inspiration is one of the biggest things in life as it fuels energy for future innovation, ideas and most important, change.

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