Kiri T – IDontBelieveInClosures

Kiri T’s track, IDontBelieveInClosures, is a tale of a woman who wanted to express herself to someone who saw her as “under valued” and not just for her. They were more into the illusion and facade that they perceived on her. The reason why I decided to write about it, was because of the harmonies she used. It reminded me of whistling, but in the sound of hum’s.

Imagine the style of hum like Kid Cudi’s, but more sweet, playful, gentle and feminine. It’s different.

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Official Aztec – WTF

Aztec’s song, WTF, is a collection of free flowing rhymes that speaks on the mood he’s feeling at that moment. And from that mood, you can tell he has a female friend whose buggin him when he’s trying to do what he needs to do. He will get back to you later, he’s in a “I’m not letting nothing distract me” mood and he needs that in order to get things going.

Majority of the track seemed like a freestyle but I was more impress with the flow than anything. That’s what won me over to writing a piece about it. If you like snappy hitting tracks, with a bit of arrogance, this song is for you.

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Zero – Leave the Light On

Zero’s track, Leave the Light On, is such a groovy track on the outside but on the inside, you can see the emotions that is being poured out. The song sounds great, nonetheless, I’m more interested in the deeper meaning of the track. Leaving the light on is a phase that means tonight, tomorrow or today isn’t promised; I may not make it home back to you because of outside forces hunting me, stopping me from doing so. If you love me as much as you say, you will continue to think about me when I’m gone. In reality, this is a very sad song but on the flip side, it’s amazing when one can turn obstacles into something great.

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GEAR – Chalice

GEAR’s track, Chalice, is an aggressive demon slayer yelling in your ear. I’m joking, but if you close your eyes, you an picture a character who slays demons for fun and he’s telling you his story. I can see him in all black at parties drinking his experiences from the cup of life. I love the style he’s working with. It’s a combination of rap, grime, and dubstep. The highlight is his voice, its so grungy and emo but dope as fuck. It’s the type of music that gets you moving and motivated to take down your enemy or enemies.

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Chrissy Spratt – Exes

Chrissy Spratt song, Exes, speaks volumes of the complicated structure of relations and intimacy. The yearning lustrous tones of her vocals and weary strain undertone; conforms you to stop what you’re doing and listen. Majority of everyone have exes and they are the steps to finding your true love. However, how things end where where the toxic development can start in either parties. Chrissy have felt this pain before I’m sure and speaking on it in such a delicate manner, it makes you feel like you’re the ex of her even if you never knew her.

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Joshy Philly – SICK

Joshy Philly’s song, SICK, is a fusion of hard hitting snaps and elemental booming flows. I closed my eyes and imagine myself driving fast on a TRON motorcycle and doing drive bys on zombies/vampires roaming a Japanese city at night. I can hear this track on the new Blade movie that’s in the making and it would fit perfectly. Humans deemed the T-virus as a sickness and it fits well with this ‘sick’ track in the background.

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Phantoms – Are You Up feat. Shaylen

Phantoms’s track, Are You Up feat. Shaylen, is a complementary combination of soulful lyrics of today’s sound with the 80’s disco feel. The track starts off with Phantoms having an intimate moment, lost in their thoughts and it slowly transitions to Shaylen bringing that ‘fire’ to the “dull” world of Phantoms.

It reminds me of when couples argue and they don’t talk for the rest of the day; then you get hit with that “wyd” or “you up” text. That’s exactly what this song means to me.

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“Sane.” covers a few obscure scenarios woven together by themes of escapism. Sometimes reality isn’t enough to feed the soul. Though disguised as a simple polished & commercial r&b track, it is remarkably confessional and appeals to listeners through its relatability.

“Sane.” has been added to Spotify’s “Fresh Finds: The Wave” playlist by Spotify’s curation team and has been performing relatively well for a track from an independent artist, racking up North of 10,000 streams within the first two months of its release.

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