Una Mey – Selfish Girl

Una Mey’s song, Selfish Girl, sings an emotional tale of wanted to be with a companion whose only need is to please the one they love. Not thinking of what could affect them, but only thinking about what the other need. It’s weird, humans are selfish however it’s based on the environment. If you were in the environment of giving, you will have a sense that this is the right way. The song has many layers, as I can sense both pain and joy from it. Because that type of love could also be toxic in many ways, so it depends on whose “loving”. If you’re looking for an answer, then you will have to ask Una yourself 🙂

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Rad – Movin II

Rad’s tracks, Movin II & Stress ft Aown, are two complimentary tracks that are related in many ways. You can hear in the passion of Rad is that he really want to prove his doubters wrong so they can see what he feels what his life goal is. The two tracks go hand and hand and you can hear the growth as he comes into adulthood.

Just like with any music, people like make music about their: emotions, experiences, fantasies in their mind they want to share, whatever the reason. Rad’s story will hit home for some, and I believe that’s where he will find his tribe. Check out his tracks, maybe it will hit home for you 😉

Rad will be opening for Manny Wave at SOB’s in NYC March 13th @ 7PM

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MIRRROR – never fall in love

MIRRROR’s track, never fall in love, is a groovy 80’s atmosphere of feeling regretful about falling in love and wondering if it is okay for one to fall in love. It has all the dynamics of a “duo” partnership as you can hear Takumai and Mei express their feelings to one another. If you close your eyes, you can see and hear the bright neon lights as you’re making your way downtown Tokyo.

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FRANKE’s song, Kids, is a hollow stream of questions about life, emotions and sonic melodies of inspiration. This is the type of song that caters to all audiences because we as Humans go through a lot daily. It reminds of a friendly reminder about how far we came and how far we have to go. Enjoy your moments when you can, savor your relationships and experiences. The song is very chill that relaxing you, makes you think and its the type that fits whatever narrative someones going though.

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Kiyanosh – CheezTV!

Kiyanosh’s track, CheezTV!, is a witty audio fragment of his fusion of funk, hip-hop and entertainment references. All the way from the lofi vocals to the swift metaphors, it really shows the versatility of his sound. I like the how the story can relate to anyone no matter the age and the consistent anthem that self love is the greatest gift of all. When was the last time you’ve told yourself, “I love myself”. Say Cheeeezzzz

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Bauer Larson – Hold A Bottle

Bauer Larson’s track, Hold A Bottle, is hard hitting anthem about things that Bauer went through in his life. You can hear in the emotions of his vocals that pain was involved, it was love, it was distrust and growth. I like the way he rode the beat and kept it going throughout his verse. However, I think the part that really sat it nicely was that he switched up certain parts at the right time. It’s like when you are on the treadmill and you’ve been running with 30 seconds remaining. You finish it and you have that 2 minute cool down. Yeah, that’s how it felt.

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DaniLeigh – Lil Bebe

DaniLeigh’s song, Lil Bebe, is what you will get if you mixed champagne, ice cream and intimacy. I know, sounds weird but let me break it down. The reason for the champagne, is because of the bubbly and snappy strings and pianos in the track. It makes you move in an adventurous way. The vocals are the ice cream. Smooth flavors in the way she switches up throughout the song; it’s cold. And the content and the mood, it made me think of intimacy in any medium. Only a keen eye would understand what that means.

Wish I could have met you in Cleveland on the 21st

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Yury – Books

Yury’s track, Books, is a multifaceted demeanor of ghost like vocals that submerges you into a post apocalyptic world. The style is definitely unique and it seems like most of the focus are on the adlibs; to pop up in different places around you phasing in and out. He has done all the production himself and it really is a gem to be able to do everything yourself. As The process is stressful, time consuming and tiring. Nonetheless, Yury has done a interesting job on his music and I’m sure we will hear from him mainstream.

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