Little Sain✚ – Remedy

Little Sain✚’s track, Remedy, is an infusion of steampunk with the mood of goth and hip-hop. The song immediately grabs you with the cinematic feel at the beginning to the end. The vocals has that futuristic vibe and just from the overall mood, I feel like I’m in a movie. Think of a scene in a motion where the background is in slow motion and the one dark figure just walking through and it’s just a clash of action, horror, and lust going past. It intrigued my interest because it has the new age vocal melody, however it separates itself in its own lane. Personally, one of the best songs I’ve heard in a while with the mixing of the atmosphere of the track and vocals. Little Sain✚ is definitely going on my Spotify playlist.

P.S. can you be sure to do a song with VISQ on your next track please? :3


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Twelve24 – Keep A Little Love

Twelve24 song, Keep A Little Love, is one of the perfect feel good summer vibes you can enjoy. The song is pure essence of inspiration about a better world, a better tomorrow. Love is what pushing you to the edge mentally and physically. Overcoming obstacles, which is something I feel that Twelve had to go through. Why share and promote hate? It will just continue to down in a negative cycle. However, if we keep spreading love, then we can look forward to a new understanding. That is what I think Twelve24 is trying to do with his music. Be sure to follow him on his journey and check him out.


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Pasha – Purple Pudding

Pasha’s, Purple Pudding, has many elements that reminded me of Gym Class Heroes but with today’s content. I loved the style and energy he brings in the beginning and how easy it flowed into the chorus. The sound of Pasha is so abstract however it paints the picture so well. If you close your eyes, you can hear all of the drug references and the mental lapses in the landscape of the “digital drugs”. Pasha has a great voice that’s fit for rapping because his sound is different. You can search all day for people who has his style of voice but you probably wouldn’t it. It’s unique and that was the first thing I noticed when I heard the song. I was like, “oh yeah, this is going to be good” and he didn’t disappoint.

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