Pediko – Ticket To Go

Pediko song’s, Ticket To Go, is a mellow trappy song about making it and leaving those who never supported you behind. You only get one shot. When its time, you feel it in your gut to do it. No matter the consequences that’s involved when it comes to your passion. Pediko did a nice job […]

Rowlan – make me snap

Rowlan’s, make me snap, has the sound someone who was just pissed off at the world as a situation. The dire aesthetic that the has make you like you’re being rush to do something yet Rowlan is the voice of reason slowing you down. The vocal mix was very good as I feel it was […]

WOULF – Coupe

WOULF, Coupe, is a high energy pop-hiphop song with the trap feel of a Miami highway cruise. The flow compliments the mood of the beat and it works with the cascade style that WOULF uses. The song reminds me of a nice sunset while riding around and having women of all flavors hop in your […]

MARG – Dark Clouds

MARG’s song, Dark Clouds, is a sonic blend of sunflowers blooming on the outside of a tornado. Some may read that and go, “what? how can I possibly imagine and understand that?”. Well, it’s true. The chaos is the story line of frustration, anxiety, depression. That can be factored into many things in one’s life. […]

Sugi Dakks – Move On

Sugi Dakks is back again with another dope track titled, Move On. Sugi is not angry on this track like before, nonetheless, he is showing us a vulnerable side of him. The overall song is coupled with harmonies and instruments that’s pleasing to the ear. It’s very poetic as Sugi begins with a very touching […]

Smooth Blaq & Zoh – Vibe

Smooth Blaq & Zoh comes together with a wavy track called, Vibe. The song is very dreamy and creamy the way it sounds rolling pass the ears and stimulating your senses. The song talks about vibing with someone on an intimate level. The energy is so strong that the two individuals may end up getting […]

K-phax – Matrix

K-phax’s song, Matrix, is dope. I like the creativity that the song enlists on so many layers. It reminds me of All American Rejects mixed with Lil Yatchy‘s mood with the choice of beats. K-phax is definitely better than Yatchy but we will not get into that. You can hear the many different elements of […]