Month: April 2018

Bishat – Dream About Me

Bishat’s video, Dream About Me, can be summed up into one word; it would be, mesmerizing. She is mesmerizing and her voice is transcendent in the way it carries emotions into fruition. Her lyrics dives into a rich story about […]

Ghodsy – Dominos

Ghodsy’s song, Dominos, is where fun, confidence and hype come together for a little showcase. The song has a hard hitting bass that smacks you in the face and Ghodsy’s voice just dawns on you like a super villain. The […]

Mahalia – No Reply

Mahalia song, No Reply is such a smooth sound of soul and r&b. I love the way the vocals wrap around your ears like warm milk; if that is a good description of it. The storytelling is top notch how […]

John Soros – Impossible feat Mr. Writ3

John Soros, Impossible, is about doing things with no limit. Which are doing things that are impossible and making them a reality? The song is produced by John Soros and the rap vocals are by Mr. Writ3. The track talks about overcoming […]

GILLIA – Reason

GILLIA’s new track, Reason, is an autotune heavy song with the mystery of confusion. The story isn’t clear, but you can tell that the problem lies with a female who acts funny when there is no need for it. There’s a […]

Milan Ring – 2063

Milan Ring showcases her talent with her latest track, 2063. Milan is what I like to call, the “renaissance woman“. The fact that she did a Russ on us and recorded, produced, mixed and mastered this whole song. Not only that, but […]