SOLANTA – where do you go at night?

SOLANTA’s where do you go at night, is a creative electronic and hip-hop song that is pleasing to the ear. I like the creative ecstasy feel sounds of the track. It gives you some illustration of a world that is not of this universe. I can just imagine how it would feel to listen to this song on shrooms. ūüôā The storytelling is great and i like the pauses in the song where the two are having a conversation and it’s refreshing to hear. The last bit to add is the beautiful vocals of the lady who is singing in the background; a very delicate touch that is well needed.


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Bishat – Dream About Me

Bishat’s video, Dream About Me, can be summed up into one word; it would be, mesmerizing. She is mesmerizing and her voice is transcendent in the way it carries emotions into fruition. Her lyrics dives into a rich story about a or many significant others dreaming about her when they aren’t near. Who could not have dreams about her when they lay eyes on her aura or become enveloped in her arms? If you love storytelling with beautiful vocals, check her out.

Oh, Bishat, I sent you a DM last year on instagram about and never for a reply ūüôĀ



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Ghodsy – Dominos

Ghodsy’s song, Dominos, is where fun, confidence and hype come together for a little showcase. The song has a hard hitting bass that smacks you in the face and Ghodsy’s voice just dawns on you like a super villain. The is interesting as the flow can be improved however the “tone” of the track carries the deficiencies. I love how you can hear the confidence in his voice and that shows you the drive he has. I’m sure this won’t be the last we hear of Ghodsy so if you are a fan of bass, check this song out.



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Mahalia – No Reply

Mahalia song, No Reply is such a smooth sound of soul and r&b. I love the way the vocals wrap around your ears like warm milk; if that is a good description of it. The storytelling is top notch how she can effortlessly brings you into the scene. The warm fuzzy feel of love, the idea of intimacy and how the emotions keep you listening. The song has energy to it and you can feel the aura of the words breezing across your mind.


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John Soros – Impossible feat Mr. Writ3

John Soros,¬†Impossible, is about doing things with no limit. Which are doing things that are impossible and making them a¬†reality? The song is produced by John Soros and the rap vocals are by Mr. Writ3. The track talks about overcoming all obstacles and shining on the biggest stage in life. I loved the feel of the song as it has an adrenaline¬†rush of energy but with an “eye of the storm” calming effect that gives’s it that party mood.

John is a producer and a DJ and he make’s beats as part of his craft. So be sure to hit him up, he’s waiting ūüôā


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GILLIA – Reason

GILLIA’s new track, Reason, is an autotune heavy song with¬†the mystery of confusion. The story isn’t clear, but you can tell that the problem lies with a female who acts funny when there is no need for it. There’s a reason for everything, however, how accurate¬†is that? GILLIA¬†seems to had been surrounded by fakes but eventually got away from it. Now that he left those in the dark, they are steady asking why; and his answer is, it’s¬†his¬†Reason.



Milan Ring – 2063

Milan Ring showcases her talent with her latest track,¬†2063. Milan is what I like to call, the “renaissance¬†woman“. The fact that she did a Russ on us and recorded, produced, mixed and mastered this whole song. Not only that, but she played the instruments¬†that you hear in the background. The fact that she has the patience to do everything herself shows the love and passion for her craft. I don’t know the whole story, but maybe people didn’t believe in her or maybe she is the type who likes to work alone.


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Yamusetro – Sweet Love

Yamusetro, Sweet Love, is a melodic pool of intimacy that transcends time and space. The song features Yamusetro singing his heart out to the one girl who will complete his void. The creativity of the track is made with layers of harmonies and facades as you can capture a glimpse into the world of love through his eyes. Though the song could have been made more powerful in the mix, the creativity is what captured our ears. So for that, we present to you, Sweet Love. So, do yourself a favor and check Yamusetro out.


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