Jmo Let Em Know creates vibrating pulses of hippy, trippy hip-hop

“a dark room and you are watching a fast-paced movie in a film”

“Mr. Let Em Know”, aka Jesse Morris is an artist that resides in Canton, OH. If you are familiar with internet rap battles, you would know he was one of the top reigning freestylers that grace the channel. I used to watch some of his battles and I was like, “Ok, this dude ain’t bad, kinda raw” and I didn’t know he had a SoundCloud a year until a year later, I heard his song “Fan Out” on youtube with the video. I loved the visual and the song took me by surprise. Jesse has a pretty cool rap sheet and is known in Canton, Akron, and starting to rise in Cleveland as an underground rapper. Jmo Let Em Know has a fan base that is slowly and slowly growing and I believe 2017/2018 is where he will blow up even more than what he has done so far.

His music is trippy by the witty metaphors but the message he relays in some of his songs shows his growth. If you close your eyes and listening to his music, it will make you feel as if you are in a dark room and you are watching a fast-paced movie film progressing through the life of Jesse. The vibe isn’t terrifying, but it’s laid back, inspirational and you can sense the “high” from his experience. From past views when he was battle rapping to his new music, I see he still makes club, banger type songs, but now he opens a new lane that is educating the world about society. I won’t go into details, but you’ll have to listen for yourself.

If you like music that has a nice delivery flow, you should check out Jmo, you won’t be disappointed.

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The Oak feedback to Jmo : Delivery and metaphors are hard-hitting. Love the anime and references you use. I would like to see you step outside the club type music and create a small EP that’s Dizzy Wright / Wiz Khalifa field. I think that shit will fly.  Don’t cut the hair. And last but not least; don’t give up.



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Raze Lyrix creates a smokey illustrations of bonding

“puts you in the mood of love making on a ethereal planet”

Raze Lyrix is an artist that resides in Cleveland, OH. She’s fairly new to the scene of the music (online presence that we know of), but she is slowly treading the water of building consistency. She’s already performed lots of local shows at bars, lounges and a music showcase. Her hustling mentality got her a chance to perform in front many different audiences and just recently landed a role in a new web series. To add to her recent gigs, she’s going to perform in Cleveland for the Coast 2 Coast Live Mixtape Show which is pretty good for someone who’s just getting started. I can see many big things on the horizon for her.

Her music is somewhat of a sensual “R&B stoner” that puts you in the mood of love making on a ethereal planet. Yes, you read that right. Not saying that once you listen her music you will full blown jump up and have sex with anything you see, but it gives you that arousal feeling; but in your mind. Mindgasm, if I could make up a word for it. You can relate to her because Raze lyrics speaks on things that she’s been through. Though, they are personal to her, you can understand what her perspective of intimacy looks like.

Now, if you want to get into some mindgasm foreplay, go ahead and check out her music. You may find some tracks you like.

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The Oak feedback to Raze Lyrix : You have a very cute smokey vibe in your art and that brings people in and understand your world better. Keep doing shows and getting your name out. Build your fanbase higher! Exceed your expectations.   And last but not least; don’t give up.

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