PALVCE creates colors of uplifting and abstract expressional art

“an abstract canvas of the world pain, inspiration, dreams, fears and knowledge of union” Palvce, as known as Armoni Corbett, is a Cleveland native that now resides in Las Vegas. Armoni creates art that speaks volumes to what words can say. It’s goes on a much deeper level of awareness around the world. That involves politics, […]

Turiya Lila creates an awakening of self freedom

“sounds are so cinematic and adventurous, you will automatically close your eyes and dance to other worlds listening to their stories” A woman whose intellectual produced sounds realms from the depth of her higher frequency of consciousness. Turiya Lila isn’t a music artist in the way you may think. She’s an artist at what she does […]

Trap Shaman creates higher consciousness with the goal of unity

“in a psychedelic matrix and your consciousness is scattered” Imagine yourself in a universe where everything is colorful, everything is living with a voice and you feel it’s a dream but your heart says otherwise. When you listen to Trap Shaman, better know as, Ricco Baffa resides in California/Ohio. His music and highly strange blend of […]